HSK Infra is using the all new Monolithic (Technology) which is dedicated to improve people’s lives worldwide by introducing and constructing Monolithic Flats; Monoliths – These are used in low cost mass housing solutions like slum rehabs, Janta housing and LIG (low income group) houses. Affordable, quick to construct, low maintenance.

These days this technology is also being used for high end houses due to its quick construction period and also due its minimal finishing requirement.

Major Characteristics of HSK Infra Construction System

The foundation, the wall, and ceiling formwork systems are designed in strict compliance with the architectural plan.

  1. Notwithstanding their size, the forms are easy to install, more durable, more precise and produce higher quality structures. It enables us to repeat the entire construction cycle within a period of merely 48 hours.
  2. We use a formwork system that allows us to cast foundations, walls, and ceilings according to a pre-defined cycle. It combines the speed; quality and accuracy of factory/off site production with the flexibility and economy of in-situ construction. The result is a reinforced concrete structure, the surfaces of which are of sufficiently high quality to require only minimal finishing for direct decoration.
  3. The forms are lighter than most other formwork systems.The formwork’s are designed in such a way so at to eliminate any human error and also decrease the usage of excessive labor, as in conventional technology.
  4. The wall forms can be removed within merely five to eight hours. Each set of forms can be used up to two hundred times, provided it is properly maintained and serviced. This cycle can be repeated following a thorough overhaul of the formwork components.
  5. All the formwork’s are made up by aluminum panel hence they are light in weight and are easily portable.
  6. In general, 12 units of 31 sq. meter each can be installed in mainly in 8-10 hours. On an average we can install about 20 units of 31 sq. meter each in a single day. We have also installed about 60 units on a given day.

In the present time monolithic construction is considered to be the most effective and perspective technology. The technology of monolithic construction can be nominally divided into 5 main stages:

  1. Assembly of special formwork forms, resembling the contours of future structural unit;
  2. Reinforcement installation;
  3. Concrete pouring.
  4. Removal of formwork and preparing the surface of the future structural unit.
  5. Repeating the cycle over and over again

Few Advantages of HSK Monolithic Concrete Construction

  1. Speed: The method allows speedy construction on mass scale.
  2. Strength: It's shape gives the building extremely high structural strength against vertical & horizontal forces.
  3. Dead load: The dead weight of the monolithic structure is almost 50% of the conventionally constructed multistoried structures.
  4. Cost savings: Less dead load means savings in foundation cost.
  5. Labour: In this method labour required is very less.
  6. Errorless construction: Modular shape leaves no scope for error as far as geometric irregularities or imperfections are concerned.
  7. Smoothness: Proper formwork materials eliminate smooth plastering on walls & ceilings.
  8. Maintenance Free: The cement concrete monolithic structures once built will always be maintenance free.
  9. Environment friendly:Allows use of fly ash in the mix.